Oil Drain Tool kit KTM, Husky & GasGas

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  • Overview
  • This oil drain tool makes an oil change on your KTM, Husky, or GasGas easier and less messy without spilling oil all over your frame, skidplate, and onto your workshop floor.

Product details

Warning: Do not install ODT permanently and run the engine with the Oil Drain Tool installed. Always remove the ODT after an oil change and install the OEM drain plug.
This oil drain tool kit (ODT) is handy in the workshop or garage, and it is also a must-have to take with you on your longer motorcycle travels where you know you need to change the oil while on the road.  Changing oil is easier and faster because there's no need to take the skid plate off, but its most significant benefit is a lot less messy oil exchange. The ODT prevents oil from getting all over your bike and the floor. And the ODT kit doesn't take up a lot of space in your luggage.

How to use:
1. Lean your bike over, resting the handlebars against a work stand.
2. Remove the oil drain bolt in the transmission.
3. Screw in the oil drain tool, attach the ODT hose with a plug fitted.
4. Stand the bike up over an oil drain pan.
5. Drain the oil by removing the ODT hose bung.
6. Once all of the oil is drained, remove the Oil Drain Tool and replace it with the OEM drain plug.
7. Fill the engine with new oil.
The kit includes an oil drain tool, 0-ring. hose, hose bung & zip ties.
  • Long length oil drain tool eliminates oil mess, making the oil change process much cleaner
  • Faster fluid changes, no need to remove the skidplate, save your time during routine maintenance
  • O-Ring prevents leaks and is resistant to oil and heat
  • Zip tie secures the hose to the ODT body
  • Easy to Install

Husaberg 125-501 FE/FX/TE 2009-2014
Husqvarna 125-501TE/FE/TC/FC/TX/FX 2014-2020
GasGas EC & ECF 2022


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